Inauguration of Mandal
  Nature Cure shibir, Starting of Dental Department & Fund raising Programme, Vaccination Drive for Polio irradication.
  Inauguration of new premises at Vrandavan Society. Chief Guest – Mayor of Bombay – Nanalal Mehta, Dwirekbhai Raj – Guest of Honour, Musical Programme by Purushottam Upadhyay & Hansa Dave – Exihibition of Nature Cure.
  “JEEVAN SUDHAR SHIBIR” Nature Cure Camp Indoor Patient Camp, Ayurvedacharya Vaidya Ram Gopal, Vaidya Veni Madhav Shastri etc.   offered their services.
  Furtherance of Mandal’s activities – Eye Department & Pathology Department started.
  Exhibition of Ayurvedic Herbs & Medicines.
  Ayurved Shibir.
  Blood Donation Camp.
  Sammelan of renowned Vaidyas of Maharashtra & Gujarat.
  Fund Raising Drive/td>
  Maharashtra Vaidya Samemlan & Ayurvedic Shibir. Inauguration by Honorable Ex-Prime Minister Shri Morarji Desai
  Honouring of Mandal’s Members on being awarded with the honour of SEM
  For the enhancement of Mandal’s activities & for starting of Eye Hospital, the medical activities of SBGSM shifted to New Ownership premises of 3000 Sq. Ft at Marble Arch Society, Borivali (W).
  Naming Ceremony of various departments. Chief Guest – Noted Builder Shri Meghjibhai Patel
  Opening Ceremony of Eye Hospital
  Ayurved Chikitsa Shibir under the guidance & Leadership of noted Prof. Vaidya Shri C. P. Shukla
  Starting of New Departments – General Consultancy – Cardiology & Skin.
  Diabetes – Ayurved Shibir by noted Ayurved Diabetician Prof. Dr. Kuldip Raj Kohli & his team.
  Ayurved Shibir by well Known 19 Vaidyas.
  Starting of E.N.T Department.
  Opening of X-Ray Department with installation of GE Wipro X-Ray Machine
  Opening of Orthopaedic Department
  Opening of Sonography Department
  Opening of M.R.I & C.T. Scan & 2-D Echo Departments with the support & courtesy of Life Scan Imaging, Malad.
  • Installation of Latest Sonography & Colour Doppler Logiq – 3 Ultrasound of GE Wipro. Naming Ceremony of Sonography Department to “Late Smt. Geetaben Tarubhai Patel Sonography Department”. Inauguration by Young Donor Shri Prashant Tarunbhai Patel
  • Cataract with Free Operation Shibir
  • An Ayurvedic Shibir / Camp wherein 12 highly qualified, experienced & renowned Vaidyas from Ayurved world rendered Honorary Services.
  • An Orthopedic Shibir /Camp was organised Mandal had also introduced a Knee Replacement Package covering Imported Implant.
  • Orthopedic Shibir was organised on 11-01-2009 wherein Dr. Vividh Makwana, Dr. Anil Patil gave their honorary services. 258 patients were examined & treated totally free in the Shibir.
  • Entertainment programme “Sangit Sandhya” old musical songs by Heart Waves, Shri Anand Panvalkar was organised for the members.
  • Diabetes Shibir was organised wherein 270 patients’ Blood Testing – fasting with Tea, Coffee & Snacks & PPBS (after lunch), with ECG was done totally free.
  • A ladies Gynaec Cancer screening with Pap Smear Test Camp was organised under the leadership of Dr. Prachi Thaker.
  • Inauguration of the Digital X-Ray Machine.
  • Naming ceremony of two departments viz. X-Ray & Pathology was done.
  • Bye Bye Byepass & Bye Bye Angiography first time such Shibir was organised jointly with IPC Heart Care Centre, Borivali which was very successful.
  • Free Eye Cataract Camp with Imported Lens Implant was organised in the Mandal. In this Shibir nearly 450 patient’s eyes were checked and 203 patients were found having Cataract. Totally 138 patients were operated with Imported lens implant totally free Pre-surgical pathological tests, ECG’s, Consultation to Physicians for fitness etc. were totally done free of charge. – “Entry to Exit Free Shibir”, thoroughly successful.
  • Diabetes Detection, treatment camp, skin diseases camp, Blood Pressure and Naturopathy Camp was organised. In Naturopathy Shibir were arranged for guiding the patients a truly preventive Shibir showing ways to remain fit.
  • Liver, Kidney, Prostate, Stone problems etc. & ENT Camp was organised and highly experienced Gastroenterologist Dr. Jayesh Soni, ENT Surgeons Dr. Amit Sheth, Dr. Geeta Karkera gave their honorary services in the Shibir. Patients were given medicines totally free in the Shibir.
  • Nursing our slogan of “Service to the society, Sky is the limit” again on 21-11-2011, Arthritis, Kidney & Cancer Screening Camp with Pap Smear was organised in which Dr. Vividh Makwana, Dr. Tushar Jimulia, Dr. Abhijit Padhye, Dr. Prachi Thaker examined and treated the patients.
  • For the first time in Borivali, Colour Sonography & Colour 2-D Echo were introduced in the Mandal. Probably for the first time in Charitable Institutions in entire Mumbai city, a live relay of Eye Surgery was introduced in SBGSM.
  • Introduction of Dental OPG Digital X-Ray services.
  • Re-starting of operation Theatre – renovated O.T. in this part of suburbs with Ipoxy & positive pressure system.
  • Entire premises was fully renovated & given corporate look.
  • Dr. (Smt.) Rashmiben S. Mehta, Eye Surgeon was honored with medal & meritorious certificate on account of rendering services in the Mandal for 25 years – for Seva Service Silver Jubilee.
  • Installation of New Advanced & most sophisticated GE Wipro Brand Sonography 2-D Echo & Doppler machine.
  • Starting of most necessary Physio Therapy Department with three qualified Physio Therapists, Angiography, 2-D Echo, Social Counseling Services were introduced.
  • MRI, CT Scan, Mammography Services were started under tie-up with highly recognized Diagnostic Centres.
  • Introduction of new services, departments viz. Angiography, Social Counseling department, Dental Braces services.
  • Mandal always moves with time & technology. After installing world best Zeiss Band, Germany made microscope were installed Alcon Company’s Laureate brand machine for Phaco type Operation for our eye department, following this we also installed Zeiss Company’s Slit Lamp for examining eyes & diagnosing the problem of eyes. Thus making our Eye Department fully sophisticated & highly equipped resulting in most successful, safe & sound eye operations.
  • In this year we also organised free Cancer check-up camp & Gynaec Pap Smear tests also were carried out totally free of charge. Urology camp was held with PSA check-up & also free Sonography was done in this camp. First time Thyroid Shibir was also organised free of charge.
  • In this year moving with time & technology the old sophisticated Sonography Machine was replaced by new highly sophisticated & having advanced technology machine GE-Wipro’s Logic P-5 for Sonography, 2-D Echo Color Doppler.
  • We also started Varicose Veins treatment using highly advanced machine.
  • Pediatric department with vaccination to the children up to the age of 14 years was started. Pediatric Dental Department.
  • Free Cataract operation camp with Imported Lens Implant was organised.

“Golden Jubilee” year Celebration

  • In this year, modernizing the Mandal for giving more & more quality treatment 5 new latest machines were installed viz. Pachymeter, vacuum autoclave lakhs for Mandal’s ophisticated operation theatre, 3 machines for other departments.
  • Widening the scope of Mandal’s various services, we started Allopathy OPD services. This OPD department was started.
  • Mandal started a Diabetes special department, in which patients coming from poor class & having Orange ration Card are given branded generic medicines, free of charge & their blood tests, consultation etc. are also being done free & normal patients are given these medicines as 25% concession.
  • This year Mandal has also started Infertility Department with Semen Analysis, IUI, IVF, Sperm freezing treatment facilities.
  • Very recently we have installed CR 15 x CR System for General Radiography & Orthopedic Radiography, this CR NX Server Digital X-Ray will give OPG X-Ray & Spine films clarity far, far clear than other Digital X-Rays. This machine is 1st of its kind in Borivali & Mandal is proud of installing this machine. Mandal is the first medical centre in Borivali to install this Radiography system. Since last 10 years.
  • Announcing of many medical relief scheme
  • A Multispeciality Shibir for 4 days was organised.
  • In December 2020 Mandal’s Management was determined to buy new Premises for starting 2nd Unit and Ultimately it was unanimously decided to buy 2500 sq.ft. Carpet area at Jambli Gully, Borivali (w).
New Milestone – The beginning of the Second Unit ,