Over the span of its 76-year Seva Yatra, Shree Borivali Gujarati Seva Mandal (SBGSM), a Registered Medical daycare center in Borivali, Mumbai, has achieved notable progress. Helping the poor in the medical profession has been the organization’s main goal since its founding in 1967. SBGSM was founded in a small garage and first concentrated on offering naturopathic and Ayurvedic medical treatments. Through constant commitment to its mission throughout the years, SBGSM has accomplished multiple milestones and continuously provided patients seeking medical assistance with positive results.


With the amazing goal of giving the community top-notch healthcare services, SBGSM has set out on an amazing 49-year Seva Journey. SBGSM has come to be a vital element within the medical field and a pillar of support for the people of Borivali and its surrounding suburbs because of its unshakable determination, non-stop efforts, and hard work. It has won the trust and respect of many people over the years thanks to its unwavering dedication to high-quality services and patient care, which has mounted its status as an essential and crucial healthcare provider within the area. Through its journey, SBGSM has validated its consistent dedication to supplying tremendous healthcare and its continual objective to improve the well-being of the communities it serves. SBGSM is a notable organization when looking for medical daycare center in Borivali Mumbai.



Our dedication to providing top-notch healthcare at SBGSM beats social divides including caste, color, and creed. We put each person’s health first by providing premium medications, cutting-edge therapies, diagnostic assessments, and more at significantly discounted prices.

At SBGSM, medical daycare center in Borivali Mumbai, we offer our services without any charge to those who are in need but cannot afford medical care. We have won a reputation for excellence with the aid of supplying healthcare that is inclusive and draws patients from an extensive range of socioeconomic backgrounds. Patients from all backgrounds and social corporations entrust SBGSM with their medical needs, demonstrating our commitment to offer low-priced, extraordinary healthcare to everyone.



Initially consisting of departments dedicated to naturopathy and ayurveda, SBGSM now has 23 distinct departments that provide end-to-end care, including diagnostic, therapeutic, and consultation services. Organized as a medical daycare center in Borivali Mumbai, SBGSM closes a significant vacuum in the healthcare sector, where many people’s accesses to high-quality care and hospitalization have become unattainable due to high expenses. On the other hand, SBGSM distinguishes itself by offering an extensive array of superior medical services at reasonable costs, guaranteeing that the average person can obtain necessary medical attention without experiencing a financial crisis.



The services offered by SBGSM include digital x-ray, color sonography, 2-D echo, color doppler, orthopedic, skin, cardiac, ECG, and social counselling. Additionally, SBGSM features an eye hospital with the latest equipment for OT, eye surgery, and testing, as well as highly advanced machinery. Thousands of patients have undergone successful surgery at SBGSM’s luxurious operation theatre to regain normal vision. In short, you can avail following services at medical daycare center in Borivali Mumbai:


  • Digital X-ray
  • Color Sonography
  • 2-D echo
  • Color Doppler
  • Orthopedic
  • Skin care treatment
  • Cardiac
  • ECG


Service Price
Medicines Rs. 10/- per day
Case paper charges Rs. 10/-
Doctor Consultation Rs. 80/-
Dental Rs. 1100/- & Rs. 2000/-
Cataract Operations Rs. 3000/-
Phaco Rs. 6500/-
Lens Implant Rs. 16000/-
Digital X-rays Rs. 160/-
Colour Sonography Rs. 550/-
2D-Echo Rs. 950/-


In addition to providing 400–425 patients with various medical services each day, SBGSM hosts five or six completely free camps, or Shibirs, each year. During these events, patients receive free consultations and free medications for 15 days, or longer, depending on the circumstances. In these Shibirs, even digital x-rays, blood tests, sonography, ECGs, and other procedures are performed at no cost. A free eye exam and surgery camp was held in 2014, and 190 patients received cataract surgery with an imported lens implant at no cost to them. In 2014, four camps were held in different faculties, and a total of 2895 patients were inspected, treated, and provided free medications if needed. The practice of providing free procedures is still ongoing.

SBGSM is the first Institute to introduce disease –wise Ayurved Shibir in which internationally & nationally known vaids from Maharashtra, Mumbai, Gujarat offer their valuable honorary services. SBGSM is possibly the first Institute in the country to hold totally free Angiography Shibir with all pathological tests also free. In the year 2014 & until now SBGSM has performed 110 Angiographies totally free & the process is still going on. In Eye Faculty in the year 2014 totally 195 patients were operated for cataract with imported lens implant free of charge with all the pre-surgical pathological tests, fitness tests, ECG, etc. also free of charge & in other faculties 2415 patients were treated totally free with 2895 free patients in the camps during 2014.

This year in the month of January Free Multi specialty camp was organised for 6 days in a row along with our regular daily services – In this in Ayurved faculty 14 renowned vaids of Ayurved world, nationally & internationally known offered services & 6 top class surgeons,Neurologists, Cardiologist, Urologist, Diabetologist, offered their services. In all 1318 patients were examined & treated & Ayurved patients were given free medicines for 15 days, Diagnostic tests, X-Rays, ECG, Blood Tests, EEG, Mammography were also done free of charge of more than 355 patients. In the year ending 31st March 2014 totally 1,49,750 patients were given treatment, medicine etc in the SBGSM.

Widening the scope of our services we introduced Pediatric Department with vaccination services for the children up to the age of 15 years& also introduced Pediatric Dentistry services. For publicizing this with a view to make reach the fruits of these services we organise free camps in various faculties & thereby encouraging the people to avail of all such services.

We have recently introduced Hematology Department/ Services with a view mainly to treat & extend medical helping hand to the patients suffering from Thalesemia, Leukemia, Cancer, Blood related diseases. We are planning to introduce chemo therapy, Bone marrow implant services in short period with very affordable charges. This will be one more feature in Mandal’s Seva cap & will go on & on just for helping the patients in getting rid of their sickness & going to world of Sound Health.

We are planning to start Ayurved Research Centre, Chemotherapy centre, Dialysis services, ENT & Orthopedic surgical facilities etc. in near future. This is a centre where utmost care is taken of every patient irrespective of stature of the patient & we have a long way to go ahead catering the medical needs of the patients of Borivali & adjoining suburbs where SBGSM has become a must Medical centre.